e (lufiamanaelf) wrote in risd,

question about social-ness

So, I'm a highschool junior, starting to look at schools. I visited RISD on Saturday and I LOVED it. Everything about it seemed awesome. I'm just really really worried about one thing. What are the people like?
I'm very social, and I like talking to all sorts of people. Is it super clique-y to the point where it's not like that? Also, as a girl, I never hang out with other girls. Are there enough (straight) guys at the school for me to hang out with or date or anything? And what kind of you know, "high school stereotype" do most people fit?
To me, the social part of college is a big deal, almost as much as the school part, and even though I love everything about the school, I don't wanna go if I wouldn't have friends. And it seems shallow, but I really want to go somewhere where I can have friends who are like me.
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