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graduate open house [08 Sep 2010|09:15pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

So I've registered for a graduate in focus information session. Unfortunately I saw that just after registering that I had a typo in the e-mail I sent them (switched an m with an n, of course) and so have yet to receive a confirmation e-mail. I e-mailed admissions but haven't received a reply.

Worst case senario: I need to bring a copy of the confirmation to the info session. Anyone has gone to an info session at risd that can enlighten me if I'm in deep crap or not?

Also are there any grad students in this comm who can give me a brief overview about their RISD experience? I'm applying for photography but I really just want to know how you feel about the education you're receiving there.

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[28 Dec 2009|05:52pm]

 I currently working on my application drawings, and I'm struggling to come up with my third drawing. I have to consider a object from three perspectives, and relate them all in one drawing...........hmmmmmmmmmmm.............I'm really stuck. I
m thinking of going abstract, and making gide lines for one, and two point perspective, and then using atmospheric. What do you guys think? I thank you so much for the help and feedback
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Housing Assignment: [07 Jul 2009|01:08am]

I am a freshman with a question. So, I just got my housing assignment in the mail. My friend and I requested to be roommates. But, my roommate ended up being someone else... who also requested someone else.

Is this common/can I do anything?

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Marriage Equality Rally in Providence, Rhode Island Today! [06 Jun 2009|10:09am]

Rhode Island is the sole state in New England to not have marriage equality as the law of the land. Marriage Equality Rhode Island will be hosting a rally today at the statehouse demanding the legislature act to pass marriage before the legislative session ends.

Saturday, June 6
Rhode Island Statehouse
12:00 pm

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question about social-ness [11 May 2009|05:42pm]

So, I'm a highschool junior, starting to look at schools. I visited RISD on Saturday and I LOVED it. Everything about it seemed awesome. I'm just really really worried about one thing. What are the people like?
I'm very social, and I like talking to all sorts of people. Is it super clique-y to the point where it's not like that? Also, as a girl, I never hang out with other girls. Are there enough (straight) guys at the school for me to hang out with or date or anything? And what kind of you know, "high school stereotype" do most people fit?
To me, the social part of college is a big deal, almost as much as the school part, and even though I love everything about the school, I don't wanna go if I wouldn't have friends. And it seems shallow, but I really want to go somewhere where I can have friends who are like me.
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Calling Fashion Designers and Artists [15 Apr 2009|07:47pm]


Feel free to delete, but this is not spam.  Just basically recruiting artists and fashions designers to sponsor art and fetish parties.

The Chocolate Bar, is a team of party organizers who throw promotional art and fetish parties.
We are inviting any type of vendor, artists who want to rent wall space, and fashion designers who are looking for a cheaper way of having a fashion show.

We're also recruiting more people to join our team, managers, models, fetish entertainers, performance artists, actors, mimes, ect. 

We have a safe place for you to showcase your work, and have fun at the same time.

Check out our Myspace for some upcoming events.  www.myspace.com/ch0c0latebar

We're also willing to trade wall space, vending space, and fashion shows for certain things we need as well such as :

photography lighting
intense promotional work

Just send me a message if you would like our rent rates.
We need to support to make this happen, so become involved in your art community!

We also provide:

If your also interested in being a guest at one of our parties, send us a message here, or a Marylucifer@gmail.com  For more details           

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2nd Annual myartspace.com Art Scholarship Competition [14 Apr 2009|03:28pm]


 www.myartspace.com, the premiere online venue for contemporary art, has launched the 2nd annual art scholarship competition, with $16,000 in cash prize awards. This merit-based scholarship is intended for students who have a passion for art and demonstrate that passion in their work. Students using all mediums of visual art, including photography, digital media, and sculpture, are encouraged to apply. The program is intended to recognize and award young artists who exhibit exceptional talent. Myartspace will provide three cash scholarship prizes for undergraduate students and three scholarship prizes for graduate students. The free to enter competition is open to college art students worldwide.   www.myartspace.com/scholarships

Past art scholarship winners:

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myartspace at SCREAM London [23 Mar 2009|09:39pm]

 Exibit at Tyrone Wood's SCREAM London. Tyrone, son of The Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood, is quickly becoming one of the most influential gallerists in London. Notable guests and patrons of SCREAM London have included Tracey Emin, Claire Danes, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Beverly Knight, Meg Mathews, Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones and other celebrities. The Jurors: Vanessa DesClaux Assistant Curator of Performance, The Tate Modern, London, Tom Morton Curator at the Hayward Gallery, London and contributing editor at Frieze, and Rancesco Manacorda Curator, the Barbican Art Gallery, London

Learn more at www.myartspace.com/londoncalling
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RISD & Brown Dual-Degree Program [02 Mar 2009|06:04pm]

I am a high school junior considering applying to the RISD/Brown Dual-Degree Program next year. Are any of you currently enrolled in the program or do you know anyone who is? I'm looking into Apparel Design at RISD, but the opportunity to get a degree at Brown at the same time seems like it would be a good idea (then I would have a fallback and a more well-rounded education). I'm not very familiar with how the program works because the Brown website was pretty vague about the actual nuts and bolts. For anyone who is or has been in the program, do you like it? What do you like/dislike about it (pros/cons)? Any information anyone can give me would be extremely helpful. Thanks! =)
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Essay [22 Feb 2009|02:00pm]

 Hey guys,

This might seem like a trivial question but it's been bugging me for awhile. The website says that the freshmen application essay should be 200-400 words. I only recently realized mine is over 400 words and I don't know why on earth I didn't check it before I sent it last week. Is this a big deal in the admissions process? It's not even a tiny amount like 415 or something. It's around 550.. maybe more. I made my essay into a story, so it's not a big long snore but still, this is worrying me.
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Folding drawings [15 Feb 2009|05:09pm]

hi, im applying undergrad to RISD and i finished my drawings but i am relcutant to apply now, becuase the website says i need to fold my drawings over twice and send it. I do not want to do this as the paper is kinda thick and doing so would ruin my drawings. does anyone else have a problem with this as well? and would it be okay if i sent them in a tube?

also, do they ever give the drawings back? because i would really like mine back.

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Looking for a textiles student - paying job [10 Feb 2009|07:38pm]

I'm starting up a small business and I'm coming out with my first clothing line soon. I am looking for a capable textiles student to do screenprinting for me. I would rather not work with an established business in order to save money. This is a paying job. Let me know if you're interested! Thanks!
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deadline for fall 2009 [09 Feb 2009|08:34pm]
is it postmark deadline or does it have to be arrived by feb 15th?
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London Calling at Scream London [29 Jan 2009|03:29pm]


For more information about London Calling visit,

Other links:
www.myartspace.com  myartspace
www.nyaxe.com  New York Art Exchange (NYAXE)
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[09 Jan 2009|11:52pm]

Does anyone have pictures of the RISD dorms cause I would like to see how they look.
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Do any RISD students here still have the portfolio they applied to school with? [06 Jan 2009|04:30pm]

Hi! :3 I'm planning on applying to RISD next year and was wondering if anybody who attends still has the portfolio they submitted with their application on hand, particularly students that were accepted into the class of 2012. I'd appreciate looking at any current student's high school portfolio, though.

I know I should be focusing on myself, but I'm really interested in looking at accepted applicant portfolios. I figured it would give me a better idea of what RISD considers up to par. :shrug:

If any body has portfolio advice in general , too, I'd be very appreciative!

Thank-you <3 :D
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Dorm Life [15 Dec 2008|12:18am]


I'm an international student looking to go to RISD (if I'm accepted *fingers crossed*). I've got a couple of questions about housing. First, how much does it cost yearly? Next, do they make you move out during vacations, etc. I read that the first year freshmans stay at the Quad. What was your experience like (at the Quad) and are there any single bedrooms available? The RISD website basically fails to answer most of my questions, tsk tsk! So I was hoping for some feedback about the dorm life at RISD. Your input would be much appreciated!

Thank You!
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Summer courses [02 Nov 2008|08:11pm]

Hi everyone,

I'm a senior in high school this year with RISD on my list of school choices, so naturally I'm trying to find out as much as I can about the school.

I had a question about summer courses. I live in Florida, and a lot of major universities here allow freshmen to take courses during the summer (before their first year) so that they can get acquainted with the campus and get some classes out of the way. I'm wondering if RISD does this and if so, has anybody gone this route?

Thanks in advance. :)
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Art Student Scholarships [11 Oct 2008|01:07pm]


Myartspace Scholarship Reminder


First Prize:$5000 for undergraduate student, $5000 for graduate student
Second Prize:$2000 for undegraduate student, $2000 for graduate student
Third Prize:$1000 for undergraduate student, $1000 for graduate student

Myartspace recently launched a student art scholarship competition for undergraduate and graduate students. The competition is free to enter and is open to art students throughout the world. In order to enter and submit a portfolio/gallery students must be a member of the myartspace community. Membership is free.

The scholarship program is intended for students who exhibit exceptional artistic excellence in their chosen medium. Including photography and video, both contemporary and traditional in nature. Myartspace is providing 3 scholarship prizes for undergraduate students and separately 3 scholarship prizes for graduate students. Creating a portfolio and gallery is quick and easy using the Gallery Wizard on the site.

The deadline for submission is November 21, 2008. Scholarship winners are announced on December 19th, 2008. Students interested in signing up for the myartspace scholarship competition can find out more details by clicking visiting-- www.myartspace.com/scholarships
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Textile Program [25 Sep 2008|05:50pm]

I've been looking into the Textiles Program at RISD and was curious if anybody(current or past students) have any feedback about the program that may be helpful to me?  I have a bachelor's degree in applied design, so I think most of my liberal art credits are transferable.  Is there any advice for my portfolio submission, things to work on and include or not?  I'm trying to visit the campus in November.

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