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 Hey guys,

This might seem like a trivial question but it's been bugging me for awhile. The website says that the freshmen application essay should be 200-400 words. I only recently realized mine is over 400 words and I don't know why on earth I didn't check it before I sent it last week. Is this a big deal in the admissions process? It's not even a tiny amount like 415 or something. It's around 550.. maybe more. I made my essay into a story, so it's not a big long snore but still, this is worrying me.
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As long as those extra 150 words -really- make the story better, then it shouldn't really matter.
They're pretty essential to the story and even now I'm looking at it and I couldn't have shortened it without compromising the quality of the entire essay.

But thanks for your help. :)
i agree with that, and i'd add this:

it's too late, so why worry about it?

obviously, the application is important and so it's not unreasonable that you were worried after you realized the mistake. but there's nothing to be done about it now, and i really don't think it's too big a deal anyway.

i believe that a certain amount of the application process is a testing if someone can follow directions, or to work within certain limitations (which i think is part of what's behind the drawing assignments. they are quite particular in some respects, but within those guidelines, they are quite free and open). but i doubt an extra 150 words is going to be a problem-- especially considering the nature of the approach you took. if anything, i'd say you're more likely to get some positive attention for being bold and putting together a solid story that took a bit more creative problem solving for your approach, than negative attention for coloring outside the lines.