The Chocolate Bar (ch0c0latebar) wrote in risd,
The Chocolate Bar

Calling Fashion Designers and Artists

Feel free to delete, but this is not spam.  Just basically recruiting artists and fashions designers to sponsor art and fetish parties.

The Chocolate Bar, is a team of party organizers who throw promotional art and fetish parties.
We are inviting any type of vendor, artists who want to rent wall space, and fashion designers who are looking for a cheaper way of having a fashion show.

We're also recruiting more people to join our team, managers, models, fetish entertainers, performance artists, actors, mimes, ect. 

We have a safe place for you to showcase your work, and have fun at the same time.

Check out our Myspace for some upcoming events.

We're also willing to trade wall space, vending space, and fashion shows for certain things we need as well such as :

photography lighting
intense promotional work

Just send me a message if you would like our rent rates.
We need to support to make this happen, so become involved in your art community!

We also provide:

If your also interested in being a guest at one of our parties, send us a message here, or a  For more details           

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